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Dave Larson


Hello everyone; I would like to introduce myself. I am Dave Larson, and I have been elected to be your President. I live in Choteau, MT. I have been married to my wife, Becky Larson, for 36 years and have two grown sons, with one granddaughter. I own and operate Teton Taxidermy and have been doing that for 22 years.

My work looked the same for the first 15 years until I joined the MTA and started attending conventions, taking in seminars, and learning new techniques. It was huge for me and my work. I have improved dramatically and owe it all to the MTA.

I owe the MTA a lot, so I would like to return the favor and try to make the MTA one of the region's best taxidermist associations. It will take some teamwork, but with the help of the awesome board members, YOU as a member and I can make that happen.

We are working on a summer raffle to help make this next year's show better, as the venues are getting more expensive. We will bring back the newsletter as only some have a computer to try and include all members.   We are also working on more donors and sponsors for our awards, bringing more awards and new categories. The biggest news is that we will host Western Regionals in Billings in March 2025. With the help of everyone, as it is going to be a lot of work,  I believe we can put on one hell of a show!

It will be a lot of work, but it will all be worth it!! If you want to talk about what we are doing, call me.

I appreciate your support and hope you are all pleased with what I am doing.


406-466-2767 or 406-788-5561

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