Montana Taxidermists Association

The Montana Taxidermist Association is a non profit organization consisting of taxidermists, taxidermy suppliers and sportsmen and sportswomen.



F. To advocate legislation relating to the protection of the taxidermy industry and oppose legislation

    The 2016 board of The Montana Taxidermists Association recently renewed our commitment to the members of the MTA, to provide educational and practical resources for improving the quality of taxidermy in the state of Montana and the reaches of the association. We will continue to offer seminars / clinics and workshops to our membership.


The board is searching means of sharing those taxidermy skills with others in ways that will touch the hearts of individuals and community.


     We our pleased with the results we have had in teaming up with the United Special Sportsman Alliance. This organization meets the outdoor sporting wishes of special individuals with special needs and the MTA provides the taxidermy needs for them and even teams up to help provide contacts for hunting and fishing trips. Further information can be found about this organization @

     In order to fulfill these commitments we hold an annual fundraiser in the form of a Taxidermy competition and convention. Our convention has a taxidermy supply area where taxidermy vendors show off and sell their merchandise. Along with taxidermy vendors we also offer individuals, other vendors and organizations the opportunity to show off their products and organizations and what they have to offer to the taxidermist, art and outdoor sporting world.