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Exciting Announcement: Get Your Raffle Tickets Now for a Chance to Win!


Attention all wildlife enthusiasts and supporters of the Montana Taxidermist Association! We are thrilled to announce that the highly anticipated summer raffle is here! With the arrival of our beautifully printed raffle tickets, it's time to secure your chance to win big.


For $10 per ticket, you can participate in this fantastic opportunity while contributing to the success of our yearly state championship shows and seminars. The total value of the prizes offered in this raffle is an impressive $2,825.00!


Getting your hands on these coveted tickets is a breeze. Reach out to any of our dedicated board members or a few others currently selling them. If you prefer the convenience of having the tickets shipped directly to you, worry not! Call or text Joshua Harmon at 406-607-0904, and he will ensure your tickets are promptly delivered.


Mark your calendars, as the grand raffle drawing will take place on September 15th, 2023. Take advantage of this opportunity to win fantastic prizes while supporting the Montana Taxidermist Association.


Act now, purchase your raffle tickets, and join us in celebrating the preservation of Montana's wildlife heritage. Together, we can significantly impact and continue our amazing shows and seminars.

Good luck!

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