Thursday - 3PM - Rich White

* Replica Perch painting, start to finish

Friday - 8AM - Rick Krane

* Fish Body Carving Techniques

Friday - 1PM - Owen Eldred

* Whitetail Finishing

Friday - 3PM - Dale Manning

* Bird Techniques

Saturday - 9AM - Dave Ferguson

*Cat Anatomy and Strategies

Saturday - 2:30PM Marty Dupertuis

* Game Head Mounting

2019 MTA Show Schedule

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2019  Seminar Lineup

Research and Tru-Fit will be taking orders up until March 14th.

​Offering a 15% discount on forms, and 10% on supplies

​​The MTA News Page

Montana Taxidermists Association

    2019 Registration is now Open -->

    Free Food at the Show!

  Thursday at 6:00pm and 

       Friday at 12:00pm

 Montana Taxidermists Association